Seasonal Staff

Our seasonal staff come from all over the country to live, work, and play at Burgess and Hayward. With their community spirit, environmental stewardship, and range of outdoor skills they are ready to warmly welcome and guide your group through an unforgettable experience!


Outdoor Education Coordinator

Hello, my name is Sycamore, and I am originally from Western Massachusetts! I first fell in love with teaching outdoors when I worked at a rustic summer camp during my undergraduate years. That experience set me on a path of self-discovery that included stops in Cape Cod as an AmeriCorps member, in Washington along the Puget Sound as an outdoor and environmental education instructor, in Idaho to further my graduate education in Natural Resources and Environmental Education, and most recently in New Hampshire as an AmeriCorps member with the Lakes Region Conservation Corps. While not teaching or traveling across the country, I enjoy hiking, canoeing, photosynthesizing in the sunshine, reading, snowboarding, playing the uke, sending postcards, and swimming laps. I am beyond excited to be returning to Camp Burgess and Hayward for my second year as one of the Outdoor Education Program Coordinators!


Outdoor Education Coordinator

Hello fellow human, my name is Elk and I am super excited for my first year at Camp Burgess & Hayward. I will be one of the Outdoor Educator Coordinators! This is my first time living in Massachusetts, which is the 7th state I have lived in, and I am looking forward to exploring all of New England, especially beautiful Cape Cod. When I’m not molding minds I enjoy; camping, disc golf, hiking, cribbage, fishing and board games. If you ever run into me feel free to ask me anything about anything!


Master Outdoor Education Guru

Hello! I’m Catbird and this is my second year as a guru! I am from Norton Massachusetts and went to college in Maine for wildlife biology. In my free time I enjoy being outside hiking, kayaking, or just exploring. When relaxing  inside I enjoy crocheting and cuddling with my cat! I would love to travel the world but the first place I want to travel is Alaska!

Spruce Springsteen

Master Outdoor Education Guru

Hello! Having grown up in Connecticut, I’ve had all of New England as my playground. From skiing and snowmobiling in Vermont, to kayaking on the coast of Maine, I have a deep love for this place. After graduating from UConn with a degree in psychology, I tried the office life for a year in which I learned a lot, but the outdoors was calling me. With that I jumped on a plane to Norway where I volunteered on a farm out in the boonies for a couple weeks and fell in love even more with the outdoors and the amazing people I met. Since then I’ve been on spiritual journey continuing to travel and enjoy this great earth. Peace, love, and happiness are all ya need in this great life… and some good food and groovy company can’t hurt either. I’m excited to spend time on the beautiful Cape and share some great experiences with some great people.


Outdoor Education Guru

Where are you from? San Diego, CA

What got you interested in working outdoors /with kids? Started as a camper in camp Marston YMCA and since then I always loved camp.

Why do you love it? It’s hard to stay away!

What are some of your hobbies? Crochet, photography, music

-If you could travel anywhere/be a kitchen gadget/have a meal with anyone/live in a particular era/etc, where/what/who/etc would it be? I would travel anywhere to explore everything, I would be a blender, living in the 1920s would be fun, I would have a meal with Da Vinci in his era.

Sun Bear

Outdoor Education Guru

Hello! My name is Sun Bear, and I am so very thrilled to be a part of the Burgess Outdoor Education program!! I am originally from Chelmsford, MA but have spent the majority of my life moving all around New England. I have a great passion for everything outdoors, but I am also obsessed with random pop culture trivia, sci-fi movies, comic books, and politics! In college, I studied US History and Politics, so when Jeopardy comes on, I go nuts. I am so very excited to be a part of this amazing program and wonderful team of outdoor educators! I hope to see you at camp!


Outdoor Education Guru

My name is Lichen and I am from South Yarmouth, MA.  I grew up playing outdoors all the time and loved more than anything to climb trees and build forest forts with my brothers.  After high school I moved to NYC and as fate would have it, I wound up studying Urban Permaculture with a private organization in Brooklyn and it changed me forever.  Since then, no matter what I did, where I went, or with whom I worked, I did it with the ethos of Permaculture in my heart.  I am currently pursuing an engineering degree at Cape Cod Community College and aspire to build regenerative civil infrastructure all over the world.  Some of my hobbies include singing, ceramics, dancing, and playing with my dog Madison!!

Blue Bird

Farm Guru

Bluebird travels the country in her 1983 school bus with her husband Bob, 19 month old daughter Henrietta (Hank) and special needs dog, Murray. She hails from Minnesota, but has lived all over the world! Her passion for farming started when she moved to Colorado to pursue her love of cheesemaking. After spending years in aging rooms, she decided to get closer to the source. For several years she volunteered on countless farms trying to learn what kind of farming gave her purpose. She is still learning and hopes to be learning for the rest of her life. Most importantly, Rami loves to share farming with her communities. Producing nourishment, whether that is with food, knowledge, or fun, remains her goal and her adventure!



Outdoor Education Guru

Hi all! I’m originally from Connecticut, but have lived in Arizona, Switzerland, Scotland, and Ireland too. I’ve always loved being outside but only truly fell in love with biology when I met the beautiful frog species of Central America. That led me to get a B.Sc. in Conservation Biology from the University of Aberdeen and a M.Sc. in Biodiversity & Conservation from Trinity College Dublin, all in the hope of someday helping out endangered frogs. Some of my best learning experiences have been outdoors and I can’t wait to share the excitement with as many young people as possible! When I’m not chained to a library desk, I entertain myself with martial arts, skiing, kayaking, hiking, travel, and photography. I can’t wait to meet you all and soak up the good vibes of the Cape!