Seasonal Staff

Our seasonal staff come from all over the country to live, work, and play at Burgess and Hayward. With their community spirit, environmental stewardship, and range of outdoor skills they are ready to warmly welcome and guide your group through an unforgettable experience!


Outdoor Education Guru

I am from Western Massachusetts, and I am excited to be back on the east coast after living in the Pacific Northwest for the last couple of years. I first fell in love with teaching kiddos outdoors when I worked at a rustic summer camp in WMass during my undergraduate years. That experience set me on a path of self-discovery that included stops in Cape Cod as an AmeriCorps member, and in Washington along the Puget Sound as an outdoor and environmental education instructor. I recently graduated with my Master’s degree in Natural Resources with a certificate in Environmental Education from the University of Idaho, and I am looking forward to utilizing what I have learned back in my home state. While not teaching the youths, I enjoy hiking, canoeing, photosynthesizing in the sunshine, reading, snowboarding, playing the uke, sending postcards, and swimming laps. I can’t wait to return to the dunes of the Cape!



Outdoor Education Guru

Greetings! My name is Casey and I’m from Roscoe, IL which is 5 minutes south of the Wisconsin border and about 2 hours west of Chicago! In my free time I enjoy going for bike rides, taking my dog on scenic walks, and playing any kind of sport. I graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration in 2016. Since then, I have spent my time working in a state park setting, with kids in an after school program, and with developmentally disabled adults. I am so excited and eager to gain more experiences and teach youngsters about the great outdoors. Lets get it started!



Outdoor Education Guru

Hey everyone!! Born and raised just south of Seattle, nestled perfectly between Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier, my childhood was full of exploring the woods and rain puddles all around me. I decided to take my love of the outdoors and adventures up to Alaska for college where I got my degree in wildlife biology and conservation. And I haven’t stopped exploring yet!! I have tracked big game animals in South Africa, found tortoises in the Mojave Desert, howled for wolves throughout Idaho, and followed Fishers through the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have also been teaching people of all ages how to swim and be comfortable in and around water for over 10 years. So I am very excited to be able to combine my love of the outdoors and teaching youngsters in such a spectacular location!!



Outdoor Education Guru

Salutations! My name is McKenna and I come from a small and quiet town in Merrimac, Massachusetts. Ever since I can remember, I loved being outdoors turning over rocks and logs, playing in streams and just overall enjoying every nook and cranny of my backyard not knowing that there was a whole world to explore! As I got older I realized how passionate I was about the environment and keeping it safe so I decided to pursue an education in Environmental Science with a focus of Natural Resource Management and Conservation. I thoroughly enjoy being out on the water either kayaking, swimming or fishing. When I’m not near the water, I’m on land doing archery, hanging with my pets or exploring new things because there is always a rock to look under, a trail to hike, a lake to swim in or a sight to see!



Outdoor Education Guru

Hello! Having grown up in Connecticut, I’ve had all of New England as my playground. From skiing and snowmobiling in Vermont, to kayaking on the coast of Maine, I have a deep love for this place. After graduating from UConn with a degree in psychology, I tried the office life for a year in which I learned a lot, but the outdoors was calling me. With that I jumped on a plane to Norway where I volunteered on a farm out in the boonies for a couple weeks and fell in love even more with the outdoors and the amazing people I met. Since then I’ve been on spiritual journey continuing to travel and enjoy this great earth. Peace, love, and happiness are all ya need in this great life… and some good food and groovy company can’t hurt either. I’m excited to spend time on the beautiful Cape and share some great experiences with some great people.



Outdoor Education Guru

I’m a Massachusetts native, hailing from Scenic Acton, nestled right next to Concord (the  Metrowest area). I developed my love of the outdoors through boy scouts and outdoor education. I moved to Montana to study for a few years and took an interest in forestry and geoscience. I returned home to discover my love of teaching through Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm. Funnily enough a camp is where my childhood love of nature was nurtured. I like getting people excited about the outdoors and invested in caring for wildlife. Besides hiking and other outdoor activities, I love to read and cook. If I could have one wish, it would either be to have the world’s largest cheese library at the tips of my fingers, or to travel the world like a super villain; in a fortified luxury blimp.